effective work teams is a consultancy for strategy processes and organisational development  


Our vision: Create peace on earth through a sustainable, fair and professional green economy, in which all people meet as equals, connected by honest relationships and everyone knows and contributes their skills and talents.



Inspired by the New Economy and Tech Companies: the short-cut to sustainable, modern and efficient organizational structures. The bigger the dreams to become reality, the more professional the approach has to be.



the [effective CYCLE]

  • it starts with and with the people involved
  • only when the MINDSET is on a certain level, product visions arise that trigger goosebumps
  • strategic goals are broken down into manageable packages
  • strategic implementation power becomes measurable
  • the effectiveness of the measured variables and the vision are sharpened in regular cycles
  • the modules can be used independently and connected to existing company processes
  • however, we recommend starting with the MINDSET, as in any professional soccer team, one part should gear into each other

discover [effective MINDSET] Training

[effective CYCLE] von effective work teams Beratung und Training for neue Professionalität
[effective CYCLE]



 "Anita hat es geschafft, die Wichtigkeit von unserem Projekt nicht nur organisatorisch sondern auch fachlich in der Organisation zu verankern. In unserem Projekt konnten wir schnell erste Erfolge nachweisen und auch nachhaltige Learnings generieren. Anita fällt besonders mit ihrer motivierenden Art auf, dass sie es als externe Beraterin in kürzester Zeit schafft, crossfunktionale Teams zu formen und zu führen."


Eva H.

Bereichsleitung Commercial Intelligence



 "I have worked with Anita in two different areas in two very different industries. She supported my team at Metro Cash and Carry, a wholesaler, to start working with Kanban Framework and also helped us break down a very complex topic in smaller workpackages, thus creating the basis for a more digestible pricing strategy. The combination of introducing an agile framework combined with the strategic aspect was very inspiring and motivating for team members and stakeholders alike.


Secondly Anita helped my current team at SensenGuard LIXIL, an insurtech in water security, to develop a company vision which gives us goosebumps and is our northern star to this day.


Anita is a very inspiring and trustworthy coach which makes her strong and capable of transforming organizations and people from within. Her self-developed concepts are well-rounded, practical and far from just the hype of agile. If you're willing not only to scratch the surface but get ready to rumble, she is the one!



Cansu A.

Head of Pricing 

Leader at Lixil


We call our services  [effective PRODUCTS], because every consulting product has clearly defined characteristics and our clients can expect the same quality standard from each of our consultants.


[effective MINDSET]: culture analysis | cultural element development | mindset training/coaching


[effective VISION]: know-how for effective visions | implementing the vision process | fixing visions


[effective STRATEGY]: analysis and/or installation of effective strategy implementation processes/tools | strategy coaching/sparring


[effective BACKLOG]: agile process analysis | pointing out potential improvements | tools for implementation | agile individual/team coaching


[effective OUTPUT]: effective performance measuring (input vs. output factors) | data & analytics coaching


[effective IMPEDIMENT HANDLING]: impediments as drivers for organizational development, tracing structure blockages, analysis with the aid of systematic tools, development of effective solution strategies, ("If you haven't checked a process for more than 3 months, guess the process is broken.")



[effective STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT]: analysis of existing stakeholder situation, developing solution strategies for complex stakeholder relations, consultancy & implementation coaching for handling different stakeholders




We are a small start-up of enthusiastic people. The  [effective MINDSET] Training is the first standard product that we offer. (Launch 11/21) 


We are continuously working on bringing further standard products onto the market. Stay tuned...





We’re only happy when our work brings you significant and measurable success:

  • product visions that inspire
  • employees happiness
  • better communication
  • more efficient processes
  • fewer tickets
  • shorter processing times
  • happier customers
  • more conversions
  • more takings
  • more profit
  • ...