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Digital product or company visions that change the world must give you goosebumps. 

Create your vision with us.


For any agile role, especially for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Masters, Agile Coaches and Project Managers



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Anita Frey, Owner, effective work teams

Anita Frey

Vision Officer

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Product description:

In this workshop series...
  • you will find out which influencing factors make up a product vision at the level of technology companies such as Amazon
  • you will learn valuable tools, how to get on the track of your personal life vision and what this has to do with inner commitment
  • you practice how to develop a product vision for yourself as a product owner or with your entire team that has the potential to change the world with valuable tools from Roman Pichler: https://www.romanpichler.com/tools/

Client reviews

(Cansu A.): "Anita helped my current team at SensenGuard LIXIL, an insurtech in water security, to develop a company vision which gives us goosebumps and is our northern star to this day.

Anita is a very inspiring and trustworthy coach which makes her strong and capable of transforming organizations and people from within. Her self-developed concepts are well-rounded, practical and far from just the hype of agile. If you're willing not only to scratch the surface but get ready to rumble, she is the one!"


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