Anita Frey

Felix Schroeter

Systemic Consultant, Officer

(M.Sc. Psychology)

career consulting and psychological coach

Co-founder of Military Coaching,

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Fabio Ibrahim

Systemic Consultant, Officer

(MSc Psychology)

Co-founder of Military Coaching, Organizational development, stress management, social network analysis

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Hans Kirchner

SIY Mindfulness Trainer, Isha Yoga Teacher

Mechanical Engineering Graduate,

specialized in medical engineering,

> 8 years of professional experinece,

> 8 years of practising yoga,

Founder of Soul of Yoga

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Ficus Benghalensis


The banyan fig (Ficus benghalensis), also known as the banyan tree or Bengal fig, is a species of the subgenus Urostigma from the genus of figs (Ficus) in the mulberry family (Moraceae). The species, originally native to southern and western India, is now found throughout the tropics.

Always chilled office resident

> 3 years at ewt

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We owe a great deal of thanks to long-term partners who have often inspired us, have assisted us with knowledge and expertise, and have supported us again and again.